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We’re alpha playtesting our second game. Click to learn how you can play!

Alpha Playtest for App2

We’re currently playtesting our game on iOS and Android. It’s a slimmed down version of Ollie and Flip focusing on the infinite runner. There are new characters and all our furry friends are on skis as well as snowboards. We also have some funny characters that we’re playing with too like Chocodon the Donut (see pictures below).

If you want to play, please email us via the Contact Form here on the website. Likewise follow and private message us on Instagram @PrismaWaveStudios or on Twitter @PrismaWave.

Below is a digest of what we’ve been working on. You can catch all the latest on our Instagram!


One of the new features we’ve added to this second game are boosts to help you multiply your score and earn more coins. We’re testing out boosts to help you multiple your score for doing air tricks, perfect slalom runs, and collecting more coins.

We’re also going to differentiate the various characters by giving them a starting boost. If you like slalom and want to score big then certain characters will come with boosts to that end.

New Infinite Runner Tracks

Rodrigo’s been putting together new levels for the endless runner. We’ve taken the best of what we liked from Ollie and Flip and streamlined it in the second game.

Added to the new tracks we’ve tweaked some of the gameplay so it’s also more streamlined. We want to test and see what you think of them.

New Character Concepts

We’re adding new characters to our game. Here’s some concept art Rodrigo did:

We’ve got some new characters who are playable in our playtest too.

Boobam the Panda:

Here’s a video of Boobam in action:

Chocodon the Donut Guy:

Check him out in the lineup:

There’s many more backend fixes that you won’t see to improve the game in little ways. We’re excited to get this game out there and have you guys play it!

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