Art Gallery

Ollie and Flip Title

Title screen for Prisma Wave Studios first game, Ollie and Flip.

Ollie and Flip Endless Runner Level Design

A mockup in Unity for a segment of the endless runner “Longtooth Mountain” (World 2). Have you played it yet? It was easier for Rodrigo to lay out the parts in Unity and export the coordinates to our level editor, and it makes a nice aerial shot too!

Challenge Level Mockup

A design for challenge level 1-20, “Bunny Peak!” This was created and Unity and exported out for the level. This chunk of the level uses a series of plateau terrain prefabs staggered at different heights to give the player some jumping variety and different ramps to jump from (we call this ramp type the “natural shard”). […]

Aerial View

A longer aerial view of a level from Ollie and Flip.

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