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We are an independent games developer. Ollie and Flip is our first title for mobile.


Rodrigo Aguilar

Rodrigo started his career in video games making Flash web games on the side while working as an illustrator and graphic designer. In 2004 he was hired by Maxis/Electronic Arts to make small web games for The Sims which led to a full time gig as as an engineer on the console teams. Over the years at EA he moved from engineering to UI/UX design to game design and in 2011 he was hired by Zynga as a game designer in their mobile division, becoming the lead in two of their mobile releases. He founded Prisma Wave Studios with Glenn Song in 2015.

Glenn Song

Glenn is co-founder and lead engineer of Prisma Wave Studios. He’s been in the games industry for 10 years working at Electronic Arts/Maxis on the Sims franchise. Before that he worked on independent student titles with USC’s Interactive Media Division including Dyadin (2004) and Cloud (2005) — both Independent Games Festival student showcase winners at the Game Developer’s Conference. When not working on games, Glenn works on a self-published digital comic called This Mortal Coil and a web project called The Shrine. You can find him on twitter and instagram as @albinogrimby.

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